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To inspire our future generations in discovering their Kuleana in restoring the balance of humanity and the natural world through learning the complex interconnections of island sustainability.



Kuleana was created with the aim of developing individuals to create a sustainable world through the exploration of issues in Hawaiʻi; Kuleana means 'responsibility' in Hawaiian. This sustainability-focused program offers a minimum of two days of lectures, fieldwork, collaboration with NPOs and other organizations, group exploration activities, and a final presentation related to sustainability in Hawaiʻi. Through these activities, participants gain an experiential understanding of the spirit of Kuleana and create a sustainability awareness activity video or poster as a learning outcome. After the program, participants are also expected to continue their work as sustainability advocates to build sustainable communities.


Kuleana is designed for local Hawaiʻi and US mainland participants across the country who are interested in sustainability and/or would like to experience something beyond the classroom or computer monitor.  

  • Elementary School Students (3rd grade and above)

  • Middle School Students

  • High School Students

  • College Students (Undergraduate and above)

  • Interisland travel school trips

  • US mainland domestic travel school trips

  • Adults



  • Oʻahu

  • Big Island

Participants may experience a program in their home island or on another island. Experiences on other island(s) may occur in the future.


Program Themes:

Kuleana offers 6 unique programs that are structured based on the state of Hawaii's Aloha+ Challenges. The programs are carefully separated so that participants can focus on the 6 Aloha+ Challenges. They may choose to do 1 program, 2 programs, or cover all 6 in our full week-long program.

  • Kuleana: Waste Reduction Program

  • Kuleana: Natural Resource Management Program

  • Kuleana: Local Food Program

  • Kuleana: Smart, Sustainable Communities Program

  • Kuleana: Green Workforce & Education Program

  • Kuleana: Clean Energy Program


Program Structure:


Single Aloha+ Challenge Program (1.5 Days)

Day 1 

  • Program Orientation

  • Introduction to Overall Aloha+ Challenge & 1 of 6 challenges

  • Lecture

  • Site visit preparation

  • Introduction to an online platform, workbook, homework

Day 2 

  • Site Orientation

  • Site visit(s) (1~3 depending on length)

  • Hands-on activities

  • Lecture

  • Group discussion

  • Project

  • Presentation

IMG_9916 3.JPG

Full Aloha+ Challenge Program (6+ Days)

Day 1

  • Program Orientation

  • Introduction to Overall Aloha+ Challenge

  • Lectures

  • Site visit preparation

  • Introduction to online platform, workbook

  • Aloha+ Challenge 1 Introduction

  • Site visit

  • Hands-on activities

  • Group work / discussion / collaboration

Day 2 ~ 6 

  • Aloha+ Challenge 2~6 Introduction

  • Site Orientation

  • Site visit(s) (1~3 depending on length)

  • Hands-on activities

  • Lecture

  • Group work / discussion / collaboration

  • Project preparation

Day 7+ (may be extended to a longer program)

  • Wrap up

  • Games to reflect the experience

  • Project preparation and rehearsal

  • Presentation

  • Farewell party

  • Awards ceremony

Learn from Experts

Groups of 5-7 Japanese students are formed, and local Hawaiian experts, researchers, NPOs/NGOs and companies work together to support the participants' learning.

Wisdom from the Past

The program is designed to link ancient Hawaiian wisdom, current initiatives of the State of Hawai'i, and sustainability initiatives in the community, so that people can learn about sustainability that can be implemented in society.

Be an Advocate

Sustainability awareness videos and posters are created and the learning outcomes are shared with the world. The collected awareness-raising tools are shared among Kuleana participants on a members-only website, providing inspiration and positive influence amongst fellow participants.

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