Islander's Hale Aloha (Cultural Booth) Example

Islander's Hale Aloha (Cultural Presentation) Guidelines

  • 10 minute cultural presentation

  • Include props, objects, visual aides (such as Power Point presentation on own laptop)

  • Capable of repeating (and quickly resetting) presentation 2-3 times, to 2-3 different groups

  • Speak to a group of 3~10 Japanese students (Junior High School - High School level)

  • Slow, easy, clear English (some Japanese is OK)

  • ​Suggested topics:​

    • Breakdown your ethnic culture / heritage

    • Family history

    • "Why do you live in Hawaii?" / "Why are you studying in Hawaii?"

    • Experiences in Japan (and your reactions/thoughts)

    • Japanese people in Hawaii

    • Daily Lifestyle

    • Ethnic food culture (cooking demonstration)

    • Cultural music (instruments, singing, chants, dances)

    • High school and college life

    • "What does 'aloha spirit' mean to you?


  • Islanders & Bilingual Supporters will be paid by the hour or by the day depending on the length of the program

  • Payment in form of check, PayPal, or Gift Card of choice

  • Meals provided if applicable

  • Gain experience for resume' or portfolio and list Project Director as professional reference or for letters of recommendation

*Effective 1/1/19, LbE Hawaii will begin paying Leader Staff a special rate based on how many programs they have completed. 

*Must be a U.S. Citizen to receive a check/PayPal

Kristen Izumigawa

Islander, Administrative Assistant

University of Hawaii

Tourism Industry Management

"Combined as an Islander & Assistant, I have been with LbE Hawaii for almost 2 years. I love what this [company] stands for. I appreciate what LbE does because the programs that they run are life-changing and help to promote diversity in OUR world of the future. The experiences are invaluable to everyone involved and push us to the best that we can be. There is no doubt in my mind that LbE has affected my future; from my goals to my aspirations and more. Thank you for changing my life!"

1. Apply

Fill out a one-time online application to become a leader staff. So long you have enough interest and motivation, you will be placed on LbE Hawaii's leader staff database. LbE Hawaii accepts applications 365 days of the year.

2. Register

Leader staff recruitment announcements are sent out in emails, texts, and on Facebook to all leader staff approximately one month prior to an upcoming program. Register online to indicate availability/unavailability for an upcoming program.

Have a great experience with your own group of students from Japan and teach about your culture, lead group discussions, and go on fun site visit excursions.

Sample Program Schedule

4. Earn

Get compensated immediately after each program.

*Must be a U.S. Citizen to receive a check/PayPal

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