Meet The Ohana

Koichiro Kita

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director

A pioneer in introducing the concept of Global Education in Japan. In the global education field, Mr. Kita leads two companies: LbE Japan, a company that caters educational services to over 20,000 people annually. Aside from Japan, he operates businesses in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ghana.

Mr. Kita's longtime relationship with Hawaii prompted his passion for expanding business to the islands. In collaboration with the Hawaii team, Mr. Kita acts as a Managing Director for LbE Hawaii. His efforts will help lead the team from a startup business to a prosperous global education icon.

In 2019, Mr. Kita has created a brand new program, which would become one of LbE Hawaii's most critical and effective program, Kuleana: Sustainable Hawaii Education Program. It is with this program that Mr. Kita hopes to help make Hawaii and Japan leading communities in sustainable development.

Kevin Ching

Chief Operations Officer

Alumnus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Ching holds a Bachelor's degree in Second Language Studies, with a primary focus in teaching English as a second language to Japanese students. Ching is no stranger to the LbE family. He has been involved with the annual Kinjo-Hawaii Program (English immersion summer program in Hawaii) since 2008, participating as a leader, coordinator, and eventually Assistant Director. In 2014, Ching officially joined the global education company, LbE Japan in Fukuoka as an intern. He masterminded the humble beginnings of Project Paradise. Upon returning to Hawaii, he devoted his time to make Project Paradise a reality. Today Ching has taken on the role of Chief Operations Officer, where he focuses on managing numerous LbE Hawaii programs, as well as creating innovative educational opportunities for participants in Hawaii, Japan, and eventually the world.

Yuko Maruo

Education Director

Yuko comes to LbE Hawaii with an array of experience and educational background. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Waseda University in Japan. She has also interned at a resort in Bali as a Japanese Concierge. Yuko has 10 years of experience in teaching in her hometown of Okayama. Maruo received her Masters Degree in Global Education for Sustainable Development from the Hawaii Pacific University in 2020. She volunteered for LbE Hawaii in the latter part of 2017 as a Bilingual Supporter, supporting various programs throughout the year. Maruo will assist the company with Japanese support, curriculum development, marketing and promotion, become a liaison to LbE Hawaii’s agent partners and schools, and train new Leader Staff.

Summer 2008

LbE started from an annual ESL summer program

Every summer since the year 2008, Global Education Company - LbE Japan, has brought students from a school in Nagoya to Hawaii and developed the annual Kinjo-Hawaii Program - a 10 day English intensive program for Japanese students in collaboration with young local college leaders from Hawaii. Kevin Ching has been involved with the Kinjo-Hawaii Program since its humble beginnings and has evolved from Program Leader to Assistant Director of the program.


Kevin Ching developed a friendship with LbE Japan CEO, Mr. Koichiro Kita, and remained in contact ever since the first year's program. This iconic program continues today usually during the last week of July and first week of August.

Spring 2014

 Kevin's Internship in Japan

Kevin Ching, traveled to Fukuoka, Japan, headquarters of LbE Japan to take part in a 3 month internship. While in Japan, Kevin learned the ins and outs of LbE Japan's business, took part as a leader in LbE Japan's domestic programs, experienced English language teaching at a local school, and even began developing the very beginning stages of Project Paradise, inspired in part by LbE Japan's programs in Japan. 

Ching's internship has inspired him to continue the legacy of LbE Japan's programs in Hawaii during school group's school trips. 

Fall 2014 

Project Paradise's Inaugural Program is a Success!

LbE Hawaii's first program in Hawaii took place in October 2014 at the University of Hawaii. We started off our first offered program in Hawaii with a BANG, offering Project Paradise to over 200 students from the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan, along with over 20 brand new Program Leaders from Hawaii. 

The program was a major success! The success of the program has paved the way for many more programs to come, extending an opportunity to thousands of additional student participants and local program leaders in Hawaii. 

LbE Hawaii proves to be a worth-while business following the success of its first program.

Fall 2016

Becoming an LLC Business in Hawaii

LbE Hawaii continued to operate under LbE Japan for the next two years, following the inaugural program, and offered Project Paradise to nearly a dozen other visiting schools from Japan. Becoming an official local company only made sense as promotional efforts have increased to Japan and local travel agents. 

LbE Hawaii officially became LbE Hawaii LLC in September 2016, with Kevin Ching appointed as Project Director, in charge of operations. At the same time, Matthew Lee has joined the team as Project Coordinator, supporting the company with recruitment and management of Program Leaders (Islanders).

The newly formed company goes on to operate many more programs with an increasing amount of school groups and inquiries.

Summer 2017

LbE Hawaii's First Program in Hilo

Expanding and extending program opportunities to the Big Island of Hawaii has only made sense as many schools have inquired about the opportunity. 

In the Summer of 2017, LbE Hawaii has developed and created Exploration Hilo, a scavenger hunt around the Hilo area. The program was offered to over 80 students from Japan and a first-time team of 10 Program Leaders and several support staff staffed the program.

It would be a while till another program is held in Hilo.

Spring 2019

Kuleana: Sustainable Hawaii Education Program

After being inspired by the fact that Hawaii once was a sustainable island community, Mr. Kita designs a brand new program, focusing on the theme of sustainability. Kuleana: SHEP has been born in the Spring of 2019, offering the program to 3 schools. 

The program is unique in that it involves lectures, hands-on activities, site visits, and video/poster presentations. The program is also offered to not only Japanese participating students, but also to local high school students in Hawaii. Through collaboration and leadership from Program Leaders, participants discover their kuleana in making the community more sustainable. 

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