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Fri 3/5 Online Pre-Program Sat 3/6 Field Trip & Online Post-Program

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SCHEDULE Friday: 3/5, 3:15 PM ~ 5:30 PM Online Pre-Program Saturday, 3/6, 9:00 AM ~ 2:45 PM Field Trip & Hands-On Activities in Kailua Saturday, 3/6, 4:30 PM ~ 5:30 PM Online Post-Program & Presentation DETAILS In this mini program, participants will meet for 1.5 days balanced between online and physical atmospheres, and will learn specifically about the Aloha+ Challenge: Waste Reduction. By the end of the program, participants are expected to better understand this single challenge and shall dedicate life-long actions and advocacy towards the goals of the challenge. PARTICIPANTS 1. Must live and be present on the island of Oʻahu during the time of the program 2. Must be a current high school student between the age 13~18 3. Must have access to independent transportation to and from the drop off / pick up location as specified on the fieldwork day PROGRAM GOALS 1. Understand the Problem Learn about Hawaii's Waste Reduction Aloha+ Challenge, the problems associated with it, and the targets we need to reach. Learn from and interact with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to understand the problem we are facing in Hawaiʻi and prepare to act out a solution with proper intentions. 2. Experience the Solution With pre-knowledge, the right attitude, and with good intentions, participants will be a part of the solution - to do a beach cleanup community service, re-purpose the collected debris (rather than throwing it into the trash), then learn about prevention of plastic pollution at the zero waste store. 3. Be the Change Through the successful completion of this short program, it will become the participants' kuleana to continue the work of inspiring others to be aware of the problem, solution, and prevention of waste in our community, through active community service and advocacy. WHAT'S INCLUDED *1.5 days hybrid program *Professional Lectures *Dedicated Trained Program Leaders (1 Leader: 5 Students) *Site Visits *Hands-On Activities *Project *Presentation *Group Discussions *Networking *Zero Waste Store Shopping Voucher *Kailua Lunch Voucher *Souvenir *Lifetime access to LbE's online learning hub platform for continued collaboration with peers/professionals/LbE Hawaii sustainability team *Future Program Discounts *Event/Summit Discounts *Webinar Discounts REGISTRATION: FREE This is a one-time special promotional offer! More program details: https://www.lbe-hawaii.com/kuleanawastereductionprogram

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OVERVIEW Here at LbE Hawaii, we are dedicated to providing experiences to as many learners as possible. Due to the strict social distancing regulations we need to abide by, we are limited to small group capacities per program. Due to these limitations, if you have to cancel your experience with us, we would appreciate as much time as possible so that we may try to offer your spot to other participants. CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations made 48 hours or less prior to the starting time of the program, regardless of the reason, will not be eligible for a refund of the amount paid. However, participants may have the option to rebook to a future program for a rebooking fee of $10.00. Cancellations made 48 hours prior to the starting time of the program regardless of the reason will be eligible for a refund of the amount paid, excluding credit card / convenience fees. LbE Hawaii’s programs cater to various age groups and demographics. Please ensure that you register for a program that is appropriate for your age group / demographic. The cancellation, refund, and rebooking policy is still in effect for individuals who book the wrong program. In the event that you need to cancel your experience, send an email to LbE Hawaii at info@lbe-hawaii.com as soon as possible. REFUNDS If you are eligible for a refund, please email LbE Hawaii at info@lbe-hawaii.com. Please keep in mind that you will only be refunded the program amount, excluding credit card / convenience fees. ABSENCE POLICY Persons who are absent or late at the starting time of the program will not be eligible for a refund and will not be eligible to rebook for a future program under any circumstances. Participants who do not show up to a program but are still interested in experiencing a program must book an entirely new future-dated program at full cost.

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