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UH Manoa - Waikiki - Honolulu - Hilo
Exploration Scavenger Hunt Hawaii

The Exploration Program is an LbE Hawaii exclusive program where SCAVENGER HUNT meets HIGH TECH. LbE Hawaii offers participant groups 4 unique locations in Hawaii to explore: Honolulu, Waikiki, University of Hawaii at Manoa, or Hilo on the Big Island. These locations offer more than just site seeing and shopping - from culture to meeting new people to learning history. Instead of a guided tour of these locations, student participants become a team of explorers and must navigate around using only a provided map and app-based program. As a competition, teams must earn as many points as possible by discovering various zones and solving missions. Trained LbE Hawaii Leaders act as silent tour guides, assisting students to think critically, as well as opening up discussions at each zone. 


Type of Participants:

  • Local participants from Hawaiʻi (Oʻahu or anyone visiting from other islands)

  • Visiting participants from the US Mainland and international destinations

  • Elementary, Middle, High Schools

  • Universities/Colleges

  • Clubs

  • Work Teams (Team Building)

  • Families/friends


We can customize our games for any age group

Minimum Group Size:

15 participants

Maximum Group Size: 

100 participants


Exploration Scavenger Hunt Hawaii

LbE Hawaii has developed a mobile GPS app-based system which interacts with a paper-based scavenger hunt map. The team must use the app to navigate to different zones and earn points by solving missions such as quizzes and video challenges. With GPS technology, the app is able to show students a directional guide and approximate distance to each zone. 

Exploration Scavenger Hunt Hawaii


Exploration Scavenger Hunt Hawaii
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