The New and Improved LbE Hawaii

Happy New Year everyone! We made it to 2021! During our monthly strategic planning meeting with partner company, LbE Japan, we strategized on how we, ourselves, can continue to sustain so that we can continue educating as many learners as possible. It is, after all, our mission to inspire our learners to contribute in making the world a better place.

The 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic has taught us a lot of things about humanity, the environment, and the economy - how everything is connected. It has lead our team to make the distinction to put SUSTAINABILITY at our forefront of our educational services.

We will use our time this year to transition our existing programs and creating new programs to include the topic of sustainability in order to inspire our learners to make an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as Hawaii's local Aloha+ Challenge.

Together with our team member's educational background in sustainability and our strong partnerships with local professional entities, we look forward to bringing more educational opportunities to the people of Hawaii and beyond, and are hopeful to contribute to the world.

We are: LbE Hawaii

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