Exploration Waikiki, Project Paradise - Special Full Day Program

May 24, 2019

Waikiki & UH Manoa

1) Date, Location, Report Time

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019

Report Location: Waikiki Resort Hotel Lobby <<<BE CAREFUL OF MEETING LOCATION<<<

Report Time: 9:15 AM (beware of walking time from parking area to hotel)

*It is critical that you report on time to the report location. Please plan transportation, parking, and time it takes to arrive ahead of time. Text or call Kevin at 808-209-5423 if running late. 

2) Staffing Roles

Facilitator - Kevin Ching - In charge of the overall program operation, time management and scheduling, lead educator, lead escort / communicates with Bilingual Supporter

Bilingual Supporter - Yuko Maruo - In charge of translation as needed between Islanders and students or Facilitator and students

Islanders - English Speaking Leaders, assigned to a group of 5~8 Japanese high school students, representing the people and aloha of Hawaii, befriends the students to support them in English-practice and international relations

Kalani High School - 8 Kalani HS students will join in the latter half of this program and will exchange with the Japanese students.

3) Program Details

Group: Jissen Gakuen (from Tokyo)

Ages: High School (Age 16~17)

Gender: Co-Ed

English Level: Unknown, but always be prepared for different levels of English within your group and do give equal attention to all students. Slow down and simplify your English.

Participants per Group: 5~8 students per group

Number of Groups/Islanders: 5

Number of Students: 15

Group Assignment

A - Virgil Rey Delima (Islander), Jake Nakamura & Sam Takara (KHS)

B - Alex Nam (Islander), Binie Cacho & Crystal Lam (KHS)

C - Anthony Nguyen (Islander), Jayci Takara & Rika Bonilla (KHS)

D - Luka Masuda (Islander), Quinn Chong (KHS)

E - Kelsey Lopez (Islander), Sarah Matsumoto (KHS)

Program Theme: This is a very unique program! We will start off with Exploration Waikiki to acquaint students with the history and culture of Hawaii and to get to know Waikiki. Then, lunch at UH Manoa, a perfect opportunity to practice English with Islanders and students. Followed by standard Project Paradise activities to further introduce Hawaii's diversity and ALOHA to the students. Kalani High School students will join as participants as well in the 2nd half of the day to also be included in discussions. Jissen Gakuen will also do a presentation for Kalani HS and our Islanders to make a full-circled exchange program. We will end the day with LbE's first ever, GLOBAL SPORTS CHALLENGE as many of the Jissen Gakuen students come from athletic backgrounds! 


For the first time ever, LbE will be hosting the GLOBAL SPORTS CHALLENGE. Each group will need to do relay-style races in order to win the competition trophy! Islanders will act as coaches and judges while Japanese and KHS students act as the team members. Some teams will need to elect 1-2 members to do the race twice to make each team have the same amount of players. Only one team can win this competition! This challenge will be played (weather permitting at the Bachman Lawn.

5) Important Preparation Information
  1. REPORT: REPORT LOCATION IS WAIKIKI RESORT HOTEL. If driving, park your car in Waikiki and be aware that the program will end at UH Manoa, so you will need to ride the chartered bus with the students back to Waikiki. You may not return to Waikiki until around 5:45 ~ 6:00 PM.

  2. CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONES: We will be using Amazon Fire Tablets. Please be prepared to connect your smartphone data hotspots to the tablets during Exploration Waikiki. If you do not have this capability, please allow your students to use your smartphone as a backup device. In this case, please be prepared by downloading the ACTIONBOUND app.

  3. ATTIRE & THINGS TO BRING: Casual shirt + shorts or long pants and comfortable shoes. Please bring a flask of water as you will be in the sun in Waikiki. It is summer and HOT!

  4. PHONE RULE: ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL USE OF PHONES DURING EVENT, except when communicating to the Facilitator or Bilingual Supporter.

  5. LANGUAGE: Please only speak ENGLISH with your students during this program. If you need Japanese assistance, please text/call Yuko at 808-381-0664.

  6. EXCHANGING OF CONTACT INFORMATION: Absolutely no exchange of phone numbers, email, social media with your students nor the teachers of the school! Violating such rule can result in termination from LbE Hawaii.

  7. EMERGENCIES: In case of any emergencies or questions contact Kevin at 808-209-5423

  8. CITY BUS & LUNCH: After completing Exploration Waikiki, please take the city bus using the provided bus money and escort your students to UH Manoa. You will take Bus #13 from Kuhio Street. Please be sure to have eaten lunch (AT UH) and gone to the Bookstore before 1pm! Be mindful of the time! (i.e. leave Waikiki early enough to have lunch and go to the UH Bookstore)

  9. HALE ALOHA: please prepare a Hale Aloha presentation for the Hale Aloha activity at UH. If you would like to store your bags and presentations during Exploration Waikiki, please leave your presentation/belongings with Kevin and Yuko in Waikiki. Kevin and Yuko will transport your materials to UH Manoa. Please prepare a high quality presentation and look below for inspiration.

8) Final Confirmation Required ASAP

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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