Project Paradise - Standard Full Day Program

March 7, 2019

University of Hawaii at Manoa & JCCH

1) Date, Location, Report Time

Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Report Location: Campus Center Sinclair Circle <<<BE CAREFUL OF MEETING LOCATION<<<

Report Time: 8:15 AM (Jake Yamamoto will be in charge of checking in the Islanders)

*It is critical that you report on time to the report location. Please plan transportation, parking, and time it takes to arrive ahead of time. LbE Hawaii has implemented a tardy/absence enforcement policy for the sake of a smooth running high quality program. Text or call Kevin at 808-209-5423 if running late. <see below>

2) Staffing Roles

Facilitator - Kristi Meechan - In charge of the overall program operation, time management and scheduling, lead educator, lead escort / communicates with Bilingual Supporter

Islanders - English Speaking Leaders, assigned to a group of 4~5 Japanese high school students, representing the people and aloha of Hawaii, befriends the students to support them in English-practice and international relations


3) Program Details

Group: Kokugakuin Tochigi High School

Ages: High School (Age Unknown)

Gender: Co-Ed 

English Level: Unknown, but always be prepared for different levels of English within your group and do give equal attention to all students. Slow down and simplify your English.

Participants per Group: 4~5 students per group

Number of Groups/Islanders: 3

Number of Students: 14

Group Assignment

GROUP 1 - Jake Yamamoto

GROUP 2 - Nicole Perez Barazza

GROUP 3 - Jeng Chen

Program Theme: This is a standard program, where we introduce to the students the cultural diversity of Hawaii and the benefits of living in a multicultural society, further promoting the importance of being globally aware and communicating with other people. Students will also learn about Hawaii-Japan relations and gain self-identity!

5) Important Preparation Information
  1. REPORT: REPORT LOCATION IS SINCLAIR CIRCLE, along University Ave. Please call Jake Yamamoto if you're lost: 808-489-8792 or text the group text.

  2. DOWNLOAD "ACTIONBOUND" APP in order to operate Exploration UH Manoa and Exploration JCCH

  3. ATTIRE: Casual shirt + shorts or long pants and comfortable shoes. Please bring a jacket as it does get COLD in JCCH.


  5. PLEASE BRING EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER IF YOU HAVE: You will need to CONSERVE YOUR BATTERY as the majority of the day, students will be using your phone.

  6. LANGUAGE: Please only speak ENGLISH with your students during this program.

  7. EXCHANGING OF CONTACT INFORMATION: Absolutely no exchange of phone numbers, email, social media with your students nor the teachers of the school! Violating such rule can result in termination from LbE Hawaii.

  8. DURING EXPLORATION UH MANOA: Please play the game with your own group only. Do not join any other groups. It is not an effective way to play and learn.

  9. EMERGENCIES: In case of any emergencies or questions contact Kristi at 808-285-8632

  10. VERY IMPORTANT: THE PROGRAM WILL "END" AT JAPANESE CULTURAL CENTER OF HAWAII (Kristi, to give check to Jake at this point)

6) How to play Exploration UH Manoa - Please review video below:
7) Final Confirmation Required ASAP

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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