Project Paradise / Kuleana Program

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Campus Center Ballroom & Field Trip Breakouts

1) Date, Location, Report Time

Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Report Location: Campus Center Ballroom (Located on 3rd floor of Campus Center)

Report Time: 7:00 AM

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THIS PROGRAM ONLY: Be the FIRST 15 LEADERS to arrive at the Ballroom and earn $5.00 cash! Please form a line along the outside of the ballroom entrance. To get an accurate count, please do NOT enter the ballroom until the Facilitator (Kevin) arrives and checks you in.

TO EARN REFERRAL BONUS $10 CASH: For all those who have been referred and all those who have referred someone, you will receive your $10.00 CASH BONUS at the end of the program, but both you and your referral must arrive to the ballroom ON TIME (will allow a 15 minute grace period).

Why are we reporting so early? This will be a very large program. We need everyone to arrive on time in order to properly set up and be prepared for the school's arrival. It is very often that schools arrive way earlier than expected. Thus, we need to be prepared with leaders prompt and ready to go. We will also hold a mandatory for all leaders (whether new or old) as this program will require a lot of your support as you'll need to be independent without supervision. Please do NOT leave the ballroom without permission for coffee, snacks, etc. during orientation time. Thank you!

2) Staffing Roles

Facilitator & Manager - Kevin Ching - In charge of the overall program operation, time management and scheduling, lead educator, lead escort / communicates with Bilingual Supporter

Bilingual Supporter - Yuko, Reina, Mieko, Sora (backup Islander 2), Sakae (backup Islander 1) - Point of Contact to the school and JTB tour escort, assist Kevin in translating important info into Japanese, assist Islanders with communication with students

Islanders - English Speaking Leaders, assigned to a group of 6~11 Japanese high school students, representing the people and aloha of Hawaii, befriends the students to support them in English-practice and international relations

Japan Teachers& Tour Escorts - Please be aware that there will be Japanese adults walking around, inspecting the program. Please be sure you take your role seriously as an Islander and impress these people! They are looking out for their students, ensuring that their students are bonding well with the Islanders.

3) Program Details

Group: Hiroshima High School, from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Ages: High School 2nd Year in High School

Gender: Co-Ed (boy male and female)

English Level: Unknown, but always be prepared for different levels of English within your group and do give equal attention to all students. Slow down and simplify your English.

Participants per Group: 6~11 students per group (some groups will have very large groups. please use a loud appropriate voice)

Number of Groups/Islanders: 30

Number of Students: 233 

Program Theme & Objective: Cultural Diversity leads to Aloha and Peace; Intercultural Communication; Sustainability // As Islanders, we will be ambassadors of ALOHA and teach these students the importance of communicating with other people of different backgrounds, race, languages, and values.  If we all respect each other, cooperate, and understand each other, we as ONE can achieve many things. All these things are necessary to SUSTAIN humanity. YOU will change the lives of these young children. I hope you are proud of that.


4) Program Schedule Details
5) Important Preparation Information
  1. ATTIRE: Wear your Project Paradise T-Shirt if you have one (or anything on top) + shorts or long pants and comfortable shoes. Please bring a jacket - we will be indoors throughout a portion of the program and the room can sometimes get cold. (please no unusual piercings and please do attempt to cover up visible tattoos) Please bring an extra change of clothes depending on your fieldwork that you're assigned to and plan accordingly.


  3. BRING YOUR PHONES CHARGED AT 100% + PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER: We will need to communicate throughout the program, especially when you break out. Also, please keep in mind that students will need to borrow your smartphones during EXPLORATION UH MANOA, a scavenger hunt game across the University. 

  4. PLEASE BRING A FLASK OF WATER: There will be a lot of walking so please keep hydrated.

  5. LANGUAGE: Please only speak ENGLISH with your students during this program.

  6. EXCHANGING OF CONTACT INFORMATION: Absolutely no exchange of phone numbers, email, social media with your students nor the teachers of the school! Violating such rule can result in termination from LbE Hawaii.

  7. FIELD TRIP PREPARATION: Please do a quick pre-research of the field trip you are assigned to so that you can escort and help your students understand what they're learning a little further. Also, be prepared to take a photo at your field trip and text it to Kevin at 808-209-5423 immediately for presentation. One STUDENT representative from each group will need to share the group's experience at the field trip to the whole school during presentation time.

    1. Hawaii Plantation Village - you will be taken on a tour of a recreated plantation village, where students can see and feel what Japanese (and other groups) immigrant was like in Hawaii. Be prepared to make your students think critically and answer questions in their workbooks accordingly.​

    2. Sea Life Park - this will not just be a free-roam. You will need to go on a scavenger hunt across Sea Life Park, find different exhibits, and do various challenges. Excite your students during this. IF there's time, you may also watch the attractions.

    3. Bishop Museum - go to the main (free exhibits) including the Hawaiian Hall and Science Adventure Center and answer the questions in the workbook accordingly. Try to read the exhibits and help explain to your students for their further learning. Come prepared with pre-knowledge of Hawaii history.

    4. Pearl Harbor - you will go to the free exhibits to learn about the moments leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack, as well as the attack itself. You will also watch a film on the attack and board a ferry to the Arizona Memorial where you will also de-board and pay respects to those who lost their lives on the USS Arizona. Be prepared to answer questions in your workbook and have pre-knowledge of Pearl Harbor before going.

    5. Beach Clean Up - this is the only service learning project out of all the field trips. Be prepared for HOT conditions (wear a hat, sunscreen, bring water, covered shoes, cool clothing, etc.). LbE Hawaii is collaborating with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. You will learn about pollution in the ocean/shores, plastics, and solutions to overcome them. You'll end with a lecture back at UH Manoa done by SCH to debrief.

    6. Diamond Head - Be prepared for HOT conditions (wear a hat, sunscreen, bring water, covered shoes, cool clothing, etc.). Take a hike to the top of the crater, while listening to the audio tour. Be prepared to fill out a workbook by the end of the hike. 

  8. FIELD TRIP BREAKOUT: During the field trip break out, there will be transportation provided for each group. Also, you are welcome to leave your belongings (such as your Hale Aloha presentations) in the ballroom at your tables as the ballroom will be secured and monitored.

  9. HALE ALOHA: You will be required to provide multiple artifacts (not just computer presentation) that best represents your background. You will present just ONCE to your group only (not on stage). Your presentation shall follow the guidelines below. If you do a PowerPoint, please bring your OWN computer (except Erns). Please see guidelines below and sample video for inspiration:

6) Exploration UH Manoa

Please ​be prepared to lend your smartphones to your group by letting them navigate the campus during this fun scavenger hunt game. Some groups will be LARGE, so please make sure all students can see the phone's screen or that your students are narrating what they're reading. This is a TEAM EFFORT and a COMPETITION. Please watch the video below to acquaint yourself for this game.

**PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE APP ON YOUR PHONE, CALLED ACTIONBOUND PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM** (Ken T: you may borrow Kevin's phone for this activity)

8) Final Confirmation Required ASAP

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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