Final Program Information Packet

January 4, 7, 8, 2019

Various Locations

1) Date, Location, Report Times

*It is critical that you report on time to the report location. Please plan transportation, parking, and time it takes to arrive ahead of time. LbE Hawaii has implemented a tardy/absence enforcement policy for the sake of a smooth running high quality program. Call Kevin at 808-209-5423 if running late. <see below>

2) Staffing Roles

Facilitator - Kevin Ching - In charge of the overall program operation, time management and scheduling, lead educator, lead escort / communicates with Bilingual Supporter


Bilingual Supporter - Aiko Takeuchi - Point of Contact to the school and JTB tour escort, assist Kevin in translating important info into Japanese, assist Islanders with communication with students

Islanders - English Speaking Leaders, assigned to a group of approximately 4~5 students, represents the people and aloha of Hawaii, befriends the students to support them in English-practice and international relations

3) Program Details

School: Usa City High School

Prefecture: Usa City, Oita (pronounced OO-SAH)

Ages: Average Age 17

Gender: 8 girls, 6 boys

English Level: Assumed to be low

Students per Group: 4~5 students per group, per Islander

Number of Groups/Islanders: 3

Number of Students: 14

Group Assignment

GROUP 1 - Alex Nam

GROUP 2 - Virgil Rey Delima

GROUP 3 - Alexandria Darling

Program Theme: Peace & War / Leadership 

School Background: The students come from a city called, Usa City, which happens to be the hometown of the first Japanese bomber who bombed Pearl Harbor at Ford Island. This is actually something the school is aware of and pays extra tribute and respect to Pearl Harbor because of this. The activities we do prior on Day 1 and 2 (mainly Day 2) shall lead up to the final day at Pearl Harbor where students can learn about peace, forgiveness, and the power of communication and leadership. 

4) Program Schedule Details
Day 1 - January 4, 2019 (FRI)

Report: 8:30 AM, Kapiolani Park Bandstand

Preparation: Pre-study briefly about King Kamehameha and the history of Nuuanu Pali Lookout; be prepared to have "small talk" topics to talk with students for first time

What to wear/bring: Project Paradise Shirt or Casual shirt, shorts or pants, shoes recommended, flask of water, pen

Day 2 - January 7, 2019 (MON)

Report: 7:45 AM, UH Manoa Sinclair Circle

Preparation: Prepare a "Hale Aloha" (cultural presentation) that will last 10 minutes long and prepare to present 3 times CLICK HERE for inspiration, do a quick research on Japanese immigration in Hawaii; Please download the following apps: ACTIONBOUND and KAHOOT

What to wear/bring: Project Paradise Shirt or Casual shirt, shorts or pants, shoes recommended, flask of water, pen, HALE ALOHA presentation (own laptop if applicable, physical artifacts to accompany presentation), fully charged phone, portable charger

Day 3 - January 8, 2019 (TUE)

Report: 7:45 AM, Pearl Harbor Visitors Center Entrance 

Preparation: Advance research on Pearl Harbor attack

What to wear/bring: Project Paradise Shirt or Casual shirt with no offensive words / pictures (we are visiting a memorial), shorts or pants, shoes recommended, flask of water, pen

5) Final Confirmation Required

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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