1) Introduction


Thank you so much for committing your time to this very special program. This program is a very special 1st time ever collaboration with the Battleship Missouri Association. The Battleship Missouri Association currently does run programs called the Battleship Missouri Encampment Program, which is a camp program designed for school groups to experience the ship "after dark" in guided tours and sleeping over through the next day. After observing this program, I have been inspired to design a "premium" program by adding in additional activities similar to what we do in our Exploration Program series (Actionbound app). That is how the Battleship Missouri Premium Encampment program has been born. You will get to be a part of something NEW, so your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated during and after the program. As always, thank you so much for your support and dedication to LbE Hawaii and to the education of our students!


Kevin Ching

Project Director, LbE Hawaii

2) Purpose & Goal of Program

The group that is coming is not a school, but rather a group of students who have unfortunate ties to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011. The students are in a group called the Hawaii Tohoku Rainbow Project. They are organized by a non-profit organization in Hawaii, to give them a great experience, since they face such harsh conditions in Japan such as homelessness, poverty, loss of family, discrimination, foster care, unable to get into college / have a job, etc...

In no way will the Battleship Missouri nor LbE Hawaii nor the non-profit organization who is co-organizing this program be making any profit. This program is entirely for the students. 

That is where YOU come in. Giving these students a great experience and opportunity is our responsibility. 


Facilitator - Kevin Ching - In charge of the overall program, Kevin will be the main Facilitator and supervisor/chaperone of the program. He will conduct the activities, emphasize information for impactful learning, ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students, and ensure proper time management throughout the program.

Islanders - Islanders will be leaders/guides/chaperones for 6 students. We will actually not break up into 2 groups, but rather have 2 groups within 1 whole group. Islanders will be constantly monitoring the students and troubleshooting any glitches with the app. There might be at least one room where there will be no wifi connection. 

Japanese Tour Guide - Battleship Missouri Staff member who will guide the tour in JAPANESE. This person IS aware about our app

LbE Hawaii Bilingual Supporter - Aiko Takeuchi - In charge of the "LbE" related activities and supports the Facilitator (Kevin) and Aldo and Alex in any translation needed.

4) Basic Program Information

Visiting Group Name: Hawaii Tohoku Rainbow Project

Number of Japan Students: 12

Japan Students Ages: High School

Japan Students Gender: 5 boys, 7 girls

Japan Students English Level: Unknown but assumed to be very very very low. Communication most likely will be difficult. Use of Japanese is OKAY for both Islanders and Bilingual Supporter.

Number of Groups: 1 whole (but we will divide into 2 sub-groups)

Attire: Please wear your PROJECT PARADISE T-SHIRT + Long Pants (any color) and Covered Shoes


Aldo Garcia

Alex Nam

Bilingual Supporter:

Aiko Takeuchi

5) Schedule and Station Outline
6) Policies

  2. As much as possible, keep hair color at a natural color.

  3. Absolutely no swearing is allowed during the program. Do NOT teach your students any bad words.

  4. Absolutely no exchanging of social media, emails, personal information with any of the visiting high school and Kalani students.

  5. Refrain from use of personal cell phones or other related electronic devices throughout the program or when with the students.

  6. Always stay with your group! Do not abandon your students to "hang" with another group. 

  7. Absolutely no smoking, consumption of alcohol, or use of drugs during the program -- especially in the presence of the students.

  8. Dropping out of the program early, failure to report on time, or failure to follow the policies above may result in forfeiture of compensation.

7) Compensation

1.  You will be compensated at the "minimum per program" rate according to the number of programs/events you have completed to date. Please contact me if you'd like to know how many programs you have completed.

2.  A bento dinner will be provided for you to eat. We will not get to eat the dinner provided to the students due to budget.

8) Final Confirmation Required ASAP

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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