1) Introduction


Thank you so much for committing your time to this very special program. This program is an original program produced by LbE Hawaii and LbE Japan (our partner company) and has been running annually since March 2016. Now in its 4th year running, the school expects a high quality program. As always, without your participation in this program, there would be no program! I look forward to working together with you all.


Kevin Ching

Project Director, LbE Hawaii

2) Purpose & Goal of Program

Uenogaoka High School, the participating school is a Super Global High School. The Oita Alumni Association has sponsored a special scholarship program to Hawaii since 2016 (previously to Stanford), giving up to 5~6 students a chance to participate. It is rather competitive given the opportunity and small number of students. Therefore, the students must pass interviews and become selected.  

The theme of this program is "Global Leadership." Throughout these 5 days, the students will discover their inner potential as global leaders while experiencing activities relating to cultural diversity, peace, current issues, team work, and communication. 

Students are expected to create and present individual presentations in Japanese accompanied by a Power Point Presentation. They must later be able to translate their presentations into English for subtitled videos. (post program editing done by Facilitator)

3) Roles (Who is who?)

Facilitator - Kevin Ching - In charge of the overall program, Kevin will be the main Facilitator and supervisor/chaperone of the program. He will conduct the activities, emphasize information for impactful learning, ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students, and ensure proper time management throughout the program. Kevin will not be present 100% of the program and therefore asks that Islanders pay close attention to the students at all times.

Islanders - Islanders will not be assigned to any group of students since the group of students is so small. Instead, Islanders will collaborate together and sometimes with the Facilitator in creating a positive learning environment for the students. At times, Islanders may need to drive their personal cars for student(s) transportation. 

4) Basic Program Information

Visiting School Name: Uenogaoka High School, from Oita Prefecture

Number of Japan Students: 5

Japan Students Ages: High School (all 17 yo)

Japan Students Gender: 3 boys, 2 girls

Japan Students English Level: According to their profiles, 4 of them are "intermediate" while one of the girls is "advanced."

Number of Groups: 1 whole


Matthew Alejo

Matthew Lee

5) Daily Information at a Glance
6) Detailed Information

Hale Aloha: On the fourth day, March 28th, all Islanders are required to prepare and bring a Hale Aloha cultural presentation to the program. Please see below for details:

Watch the following video to acquaint yourself with Exploration UH Manoa (and Exploration Waikiki, which follows the same concept)


1. Lunch will be provided either in form of cash or provided meals for all 5 days.

2.  Dinner will be provided on Day 1 and 5. 

3.  Please be sure to bring your own flask of water each day to stay hyrdated!

7) Workbook

Please download the workbook and review the contents of what we will be doing throughout the day.

8) Policies
  1. Please do NOT wear any provocative or offensive clothing, or clothing that reveals too much skin on any day, at any time.

  2. Please do your best to cover up any visible tattoos. 

  3. Please do NOT wear any unusual piercings.

  4. As much as possible, keep hair color at a natural color.

  5. Absolutely no swearing is allowed during the program. Do NOT teach your students any bad words.

  6. Absolutely no exchanging of social media, emails, personal information with any of the visiting high school and Kalani students.

  7. Refrain from use of personal cell phones or other related electronic devices throughout the program or when with the students.

  8. Always stay with your group! Do not abandon your students to "hang" with another group. 

  9. Absolutely no smoking, consumption of alcohol, or use of drugs during the program -- especially in the presence of the students.

  10. Dropping out of the program early, failure to report on time, or failure to follow the policies above may result in forfeiture of compensation.

9) Compensation

1.  You will be compensated according to your "programs/events completed" tiered ranking at a "per-day" rate. 

2.  You will be provided a check at the end of the program.

3.  Matthew Lee will be compensated for mileage between Waikiki <--> Mouna Farm = 72.70 miles x .58 cents/mile = $42.17 (this amount will be included in your final check)

4.  Cash will be provided to both Matt A/L for parking at UH Manoa on Day 4 & 5.

5.  Cash will be provided to both Matt A/L for various meals. The change is for you to keep. 

10) Final Confirmation Required ASAP

Please fill out the brief form below to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of participating in this exciting program. 

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